Welcome to Raven House! Formerly known as Willow Creations. Our current processing time is 3-4 weeks.

Copyright and Commercial Use


All items sold on this website we have either acquired a commercial license to sell or of our own design and therefore copyrighted. Duplication of any of our products without our express consent can and will be prosecuted.

Terms of Use

Finished Product All finished items sold via this website are intended for personal use only. If you would like to use any finished item for commercial use, including but not limited too Etsy, Shopify, eBay, Facebook, your own website or craft shows, please email us at info@ravenhousecrafts.com for information on how you can do so.

Kits and Vinyl Only Unfinished kits and vinyl only can be used for commercial use applications. The only thing that we ask, is that we are properly identified as the creator of the design. If you list your item on a website, please make sure to watermark so the design cannot be traced and reused.

Digital Files Any changes to digital our digital files will result in the commercial use license being void. If using an image of this file to advertise your finished product, please make sure to use a watermark to keep the design from being traced. This digital file is not to be resold or used in a catalog. The commercial license only allows for tangible products; i.e. prints and finished signs. There is a limit of 200 uses for this license. If you require more uses for this file, please email us at info@ravenhousecrafts.com.