Welcome to Raven House! Formerly known as Willow Creations. Our current processing time is 3-4 weeks.


What kind of vinyl do you use? We use oracal 651 which is a glossy, high quality, outdoor rated self adhesive vinyl. The life rating for our vinyl is expected to last around 7 to 8 years.

What is MDF? MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard. It tends be lighter weight then regular wood. However, MDF is not rated for outdoor use.

In your listings, it says, "Vinyl Only, Unfinished Kit (Wood or MDF + Vinyl) and Finished". What does that all mean? Good question! For those who are not part of my local customer base, I know those options can be confusing. So here is what they mean. Vinyl only is just that. The vinyl lettering or design only. You can stick your vinyl directly on your wall, or on a glass to a picture frame, or supply your own wood to adhere the vinyl too. Unfinished Kit (Wood or MDF + Vinyl). An unfinished kit is unpainted or unstained wood or MDF and the vinyl. You can paint the wood/MDF however you like and then apply the vinyl yourself. It's a great option if you would like to customize your order without having to pay for the finished product. These kits are perfect for crafting nights, church gatherings, girls night out, etc..etc.. Finished Kit. A finished kit is where we paint, seal and apply the vinyl for you. If you aren't artistically inclined, then perhaps this would be the better option for you.

What is your current processing time? You can see our current shipping and processing time by clicking here

What is your return/refund policy? You can see our return/refund policy by clicking here

I haven't received my order yet and I got an email saying it was shipped. What should I do? Even though your tracking may say your order will be delivered by a specific date, it unfortunately is not guaranteed by USPS. Please allow at least 7 business days for your order to arrive before contacting us.

How do I upload files to Silhouette Studio? 

  1. Check which version of Studio you have. If you have the free version that came with your machine, this is the Basic Edition, and you must use the DXF files. If you have paid to upgrade, you have the Designer Edition, and you must use the SVG files.
  2. Open Silhouette Studio, and select File, Import, Import to Library from the top menu.
  3. Navigate to the location where you saved your files, and select the file.
  4. Your Library will open, and Studio will automatically place the file in your My Own Designs folder.
  5. Open the file by double clicking the thumbnail image in your Library. To access the file in the future, select File, Library from the top menu bar. You will see the file in your My Own Designs folder.

How do I upload files to Cricut Design Space? 

  1. After you have extracted your files, save the SVG file in a convenient location.
  2. Open Cricut Design Space, and select the blue “Create New Project” button, or click File, New.
  3. Click the Upload Images button on the left vertical panel.
  4. Click the blue Upload Image button on the next screen.
  5. Click the blue Browse button, and select the SVG file you have saved.

Do you sell .studio file types? 

No, we don’t. These file types are proprietary to Silhouette America, and their sale by any third party vendor is strictly prohibited. Instead, please use DXF files for Silhouette Studio Basic Edition, and SVG files for Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.

Can I sell products that I make with the designs I purchased?

Yes, you can. These files are for personal and small business commercial use. This means that you may use each file you purchase to create any PHYSICAL object to use personally, or to sell commercially a maximum of 200 items.

However, you may not:

  • use the files, or any part of them, to sell digitally in any format, including digitizing the images for resale as embroidery files.
  • upload the files to any print on demand such as Cafe Press, Zazzle, or Tee Spring.
  • Sell or share these with anybody. The file you purchase is only licensed for your use. Should you share it with or sell it to anyone, you are infringing on our terms of use and copyright